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Why not to choose a wired building management system?

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A huge amount of cabling is required with lengths running into Kilometres for standard buildings.

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Not compatible with existing systems

Does not work with existing proprietary systems making it inflexible to work with retrofits

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Supervisory controls are required, which add to the overall costs.

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Lengthy implementation timeline

A wired BMS requires 60 to 90 days for implementation, commissioning and programming at the site.

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Additional programming by experts is required post-installation which drives up the cost of opting for a wired BMS.

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No remote access

These desktop applications do not provide remote access or management capability for Building Management Systems.

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Not flexible in nature

The flexibility to build and customize the solution based on your needs is not available.

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Not cost friendly

Very expensive and effort-based implementation for retrofit buildings.

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Hardware is not made in India

The hardware used in a wired BMS is not made in India but imported from various countries which impact the cost.

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Buildings are not 100% commissioned

A full-fledged wired BMS is not flexible enough to achieve 100% commissioning.

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