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How do you protect client data?

Gaurav Bali
Gaurav Bali

20th April 2022

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Client data is our primary concern. We take proactive protective measures that prevent unauthorized access to our databases, computers, and servers.

All your information remains yours, and we are committed to ensuring that your data is not accessed, shared with, or viewed by anyone without permission to do so. The discretion to provide or not provide private information solely rests on the end-users of the solution. 

Our services are hosted on AWS Cloud and we have implemented various security features on our cloud infrastructure. To know more about AWS security features, please check here(            

We run on HTTPS and use industry-leading encryption for data traversing. Regular VAPT tests are conducted on the application. The passwords of the platform, applications, databases, network and security devices, etc. are stored in one-way encryption.

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