Profit and Loss Management

Know Your Building™ P&L solution helps track your building's profit and loss statements based on different categories according to different time periods that helps make valuable decisions based on smart insights.

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A single dashboard for managing your P&L statements

Our solution allows you to onboard Profit and Loss statements onto our dashboard and track your Profit and Loss details. It helps in setting and managing your budget across different buildings.

Easily compare P&L statements of all buildings in your portfolio

Easily compare the Profit and Loss statements between your buildings based on various time periods to analyze which categories are generating high revenue vs which categories have higher expenses.

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Customize your Profit and Loss reports

Customize your Profit and Loss reports

Our solution helps you build your own profit and loss statements according to your business requirements. The exhaustive filters provided by the platform helps users to analyze minute details within the P&L statements.

Set, track and manage your building's budgets

With the help of Know Your Building™ Profit and Loss Management, you are able to set budgets of your various buildings and get notifications if the budget exceeds the set limit.

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Benefits of Know Your Building™ Profit and Loss Management

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Our solution provides you with actionable insights to make the right decisions to improve performance.

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Compare P&L

Compare two or more buildings P&L statements to map performance.

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Set and manage budgets of your buildings easily.

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Start getting insights about your building's profit and loss today!

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