Asset Management

Derive the most out of the asset by optimising it right from the stage of procurement to disposal. Gain visibility into much needed asset location, default user of the asset, and much more.

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Onboard all your assets on a single platform

You can onboard tangible assets to our Know Your Building™ platform. Group your assets by type, location, department, etc. and establish interdependencies among assets.

Easily map documents to your assets

Keeping a track of your asset’s documents have always been tricky. With Know Your Building™ Asset Management solution you can retrieve service history, manuals, and warranty cards in a few clicks for better clarity about the asset and its utility.

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assigning assets

Assign assets to employees or locations for better traceability

By implementing Know Your Building™ Asset Management solution you are able to easily assign assets to any employee or location, keep a record of its history and much more

Keep track of your asset consumption

Our solution allows you to generate Asset Id with a unique QR code. Using the asset id you are able to track consumption by Department, Project or Facility as well as inter/intra movement within your building portfolio. 

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Benefits of Know Your Building™ Asset Management

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Manage all your inventory smartly on one platform

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Make your procurement easier and don’t overbuy

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Complete Asset
Lifecycle Management

Right from purchase to disposal keep a track of the asset

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Fixed Asset

Evaluate the value of your fixed assets from time to time

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Measure overall efficiency of an asset form our solution

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Smart Asset

Track location as well as assignment of assets 

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Want to know how you can optimise your asset with Know Your Building™ Asset Management?

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