Simplify management and optimise the comfort of your Hotel Building

Improve operational efficiency of your hotel building as well as ensure guest comfort so their first choice is you.

Solutions for Hotel Building Management

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Manage multiple hotels over a single dashboard

Onboard your hotels and monitor their information on a single dashboard. Get actionable insights to make key decisions to improve the performance of your hotels.

Get insights into your Hotel's Profit and Loss at your fingertips

Managing profit and loss of your hotels just got easier with Know Your Building™ P&L management. Compare profit and loss statements to know which of your hotels are more profitable.

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Enable hassle-free check-ins for guests with Intelligent Access Management

Allow guests to seamlessly check in to your hotel, and provide easy access to their rooms by either swiping RFID cards or Bluetooth enabled Mobile Application.

Properly manage and optimize your Energy consumption

Know Your Building™ Energy Management Solution helps you monitor and manage energy usage throughout your hotel building which helps you with huge savings on electricity bills.
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Enhance Comfort Levels for your guests through intelligent HVAC Management

Using smart analytics and trends our solution manages the temperature and other environmental conditions within your hotel so your guests experience the best comfort.

Monitor and get smart analytics of your UPS and Diesel Generators

UPS and Diesel generators play an important role in hotels, get alerts on the statuses and monitor your equipment in real-time with Know Your Building™.
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Extend the life of your assets with preventive maintenance

By using Know Your Building™ Maintenance management you able to schedule the maintenance of your assets to avoid breakdowns and delays.

Make fire safety your priority with Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Improve the fire safety of your hotels with continuous monitoring of crucial fire alarm systems on a real-time basis.
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Improve Hotel Indoor Air Quality with Know Your Building™

Keep CO2, TVOC, air temperature, air humidity, PM 2.5 and PM 10 at permissible levels with our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution.

Track and manage your assets with Know Your Building™ Asset management

Get a centralized platform to track, allocate, and optimize assets. Improve your asset procurement with our smart asset management solution.
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Monitor and manage water consumption within your Hotels

Use Know Your Building™ Water management to monitor the key parameters of your plumbing system, water treatment plant, and sewage treatment plant.
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Consult with our team to integrate state-of-the-art hardware to scale your Hotel's building management!

Benefits of implementing Know Your Building™ in Hotels

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Smart Analytics
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