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Manage energy, costs and everything in between from a single dashboard with Know Your Building™

Solutions for Coworking Space Management

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Declutter your Building Portfolio data with Know Your Building™

Manage all operational expenses & revenues on one single dashboard. A single workspace or a global portfolio, our platform scales as you grow.

Track and get insights into your Profit & Loss

Now do not wait for the end of the month to generate your P&L statement. With our solution, you can generate a real-time P&L statement for your entire portfolio.

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Manage the Assets of your Coworking Space effectively

Know the exact health of all assets and track their movement in your building with all expenses incurred in maintaining them.

Maintenance Management that extends the life of your assets

Use preventive maintenance methods to optimize your assets. Manage KPIs of staff and allot maintenance tasks through the platform.

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Secure your Coworking Space with Access Control

Give authorized users entry into your building with Know Your Building™ Access Management. Also, manage visitor access through the platform.

Enhance comfort of your coworking space with Smart HVAC Management

Maximize comfort levels and increase productivity within the coworking office spaces by implementing Know Your Building™ HVAC Management.

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Monitor your UPS and Diesel generator's health via Know Your Building™

Improve the efficiency of your UPS and DG as well as stop overconsumption of power with continuous monitoring and smart insights.

Improve indoor air quality of your coworking space

Monitor and manage CO2, TVOC, temperature, humidity, PM 2.5 and PM 10  with our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution.

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Be fire prepared with Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Keep your fire alarm systems in check with continuous monitoring. Receive alerts and notifications if any change in status.

Water and Sewage Treatment Plant monitoring for Coworking Spaces

Monitor the key parameters of softening water plant, effluent treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and its peripherals equipment.

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Integrate state-of-the-art hardware to scale your coworking space management!

Benefits of Implementing Know Your Building™ in Coworking Spaces

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