Electrical Systems Monitoring

Eliminate overutilization of power and promote sustainability in your buildings with Know Your Building™ Electrical System Monitoring.

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Remotely monitor your power supply & distribution system

Monitors parameters in building equipment like High Tension (HT) and Low Tension (LT) panels, Distribution Panels Breakers & Contactors, Demand Controllers and Energy Meters.

Set thresholds for your Electrical System

Once a threshold is set you get real-time alerts and notifications if the threshold is exceeded. You can use this information to identify faults in your electrical system thus saving on electricity.

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Energy monitoring and power utilization

Our solution provides real-time power utilization status and monitoring of energy consumption devices which helps to maintain real-time power demands and appropriate utilization of it.

Get energy trends and analytics

Our platform provides a smart representation of data and useful actionable insights in the form of trends and analytics.

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Benefits of Know Your Building™ Electrical Systems Monitoring

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Green Building

Using our solution you are able to inculcate sustainability within your building

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Eliminates Power

By continuous monitoring you can to detect faults and overloads

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Analyze energy usage patterns and get detailed reports.

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Energy Cost

Our trends and analytics empowers the user to understand how to save energy.

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