Make your Township Smart, Integrated and Sustainable with Know Your Building™ Solutions

Monitor, manage and monetise your township seamlessly with real-time data, actionable insights and building automation solutions.

Solutions for Township Management

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Manage multiple buildings in your Township from a single platform

Onboard various buildings of your township onto our intelligent dashboard and get accurate and actionable insights regarding your building portfolio.

Make sure residents within your Township are comfortable at all times

Our HVAC management solution enables you to give your residents the cool and comfortable environment they deserve. Monitor and manage the temperature and humidity in your township on our dashboard.

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Optimize energy consumption and boost sustainability with our Smart Energy Management Solution

Our solution monitors energy consumption patterns and analyses trends to optimize energy usage at your facilities which increases energy savings.

Be fire prepared with our Fire Safety Monitoring Solution

Make sure your fire systems are running properly with real-time monitoring. Get accurate status updates of your fire systems functioning through our platform’s alerts and notifications.

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Monitor and manage the water consumption of your Township

Know Your Building™ Water Management allows you to monitor and manage water tank levels, STP operations, and effluent treatment plants to increase water efficiency and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Allow residents to securely access different facilities in your Township

Provide permissions to those who are authorized, monitor occupancy rates, and manage visitors as well as guests coming to your townships.

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multiple asset management

Manage all your township assets with Know Your Building™ Asset Management Solution

Managing multiple assets can really be a pain if they are not mapped properly. With our asset management solution, you are able to automate the asset tracking processes and keep track of all your inventory and equipment.

Remotely monitor the statuses UPS and DG in your Township

Know Your Building™ UPS and DG Monitoring allows you to monitor key parameters on a real-time basis. It makes sure your UPS and DG are functioning properly when the main source of power is not working.

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Keep the indoor air quality of your facilities at your Township safe and healthy

Our Building Air Quality Management solution allows you to monitor air particles, humidity, CO2, and other parameters to make sure the quality of air in your township meets the standards and compliances set. 

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Have plans to make your Township smart, integrated, and sustainable using our solutions?

Benefits of Implementing Know Your Building™ in Townships

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Optimised Water

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Asset Life Cycle

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Sustainable and
Green Buildings

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