Building Air Quality Management

Control and monitor indoor air quality with Know Your Building™ hardware and software solution.

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Detect hazardous gases in your building

Our Indoor Air Quality Management solution helps in the real-time detection of hazardous gases present in your building.

Boost productivity by maximizing comfort levels

Know Your Building™ Building Air Quality Management solution analyzes CO2, PM2.5,PM10, TVOC, temperature and humidity of the environment and keep it at the permissible levels.

boost productivity with building management system
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Get smart trends, analytics and reports from our platform

Using our smart platform you are able to derive actionable insights in the form of trends, analytics and reports which helps you take the right decisions to maintain a comfortable environment.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Our automated alerts and notification system keeps you informed of any abnormalities in the building’s environment.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Benefits of Know Your Building™ Building Air Quality Management

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Real-Time Air
Quality Monitoring

Monitor the quality of air on a real-time basis

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Smart Trends
and Analytics

Using our trends and analytics take the correct decisions about your IAQ.

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Boost productivity of occupants by providing a healthy and safe indoor environment

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Looking to implement building air quality management?

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