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Features of a smart and integrated township

Garima Bharadwaj
Garima Bharadwaj

17th April 2023


In a modern and digitised world, it is obvious that future homes and cities will probably include elements like wirelessly connected and operated appliances as well as energy-efficient buildings, which are expected to revolutionise the way we live. In fact, urbanisation is progressing more quickly than ever anticipated. Consequently, the acceleration of urbanisation has led to a number of difficulties. An integrated township is one of the practical solutions to the challenges brought on by urbanisation. 

An integrated township is a self-sufficient township that was primarily developed by private developers to offer, in advance, the amenities and services (residential, commercial, recreational, public, etc.) needed by a fully developed township. In this blog, we will explore the key features that make a smart and integrated township and discuss how they benefit residents, developers and the environment. Whether you are a resident looking to move to a new community or a developer seeking to build a smart and integrated township, this blog will provide valuable insights into the future of urban living.

Smart and Integrated Township – Explained!

Objectives: The primary goal of an integrated township is to provide residents with “convenience” in the form of social, economic, and lifestyle amenities to make it easier to develop an urban area that is effective, equitable, and sustainable. 

Concept: By fusing three diverse facets of life—”Live, Leisure and Work”—the walk to school, walk to the office, and walk to stores concept of Integrated Townships was formed. A township typically describes a small geographic region or a standalone piece of real estate. The Integrated Township is made up of communities of homes and businesses, together with supporting infrastructures like schools, roads, hospitals, convenience stores, drainage systems, and sewage treatment plants. It would be developed and operated to benefit the entire neighbourhood. A township project may be private, public, or under both ownership categories.

In basic terms, an integrated township is a collection of all the amenities needed to live a normal life. You can consider it as a group of homes that are built alongside businesses and other necessary infrastructures like roadways, schools, convenience stores, occasionally even a hospital, and other cutting-edge facilities. The campus of an integrated township functions as a miniature city, providing for practically all of the needs of its citizens without requiring them to leave the campus. The majority of integrated townships also include shopping malls, academic institutions, and medical facilities. 

Nowadays, Integrated townships are a significant market and unquestionably a sound business idea. They are the best option since they combine all the components that customers want, including “walk to work” lifestyle, shopping centres, and leisure and entertainment facilities. Integrated townships guarantee a congestion-free living environment within them and aid in decongesting the metropolis since cities are growing and transportation congestion is becoming a typical obstacle. They provide a standard of living and environment that are far superior to normal buildings.

Owning a property in an integrated township that is being built on the outskirts of the city is currently the only way to escape the spiralling prices and rising interest rates on house loans. Owning a home in the city has become much more difficult and expensive. These townships are being promoted as the new model for Indian real estate development, one that will meet the ambitions and growing prosperity of the country’s urban population. These self-contained townships, which include residential, retail, and commercial facilities inside a single geographical unit, are still in their infancy but will soon be found throughout the nation.

The current growing trend in the urban real estate market is an integrated township on the periphery of a densely populated big metropolis. Generalised definitions of integrated townships include “housing systems in society in urban regions of the state.” The concept is based on the Live-Work-Play-Learn mantra. In other words, the city is designed to offer all the amenities needed for people to live, work, play, and learn, creating an integrated community where primary and supportive functions seamlessly intertwine to create a well-functioning self-sustaining metropolis. An integrated township is a self-sustaining township that was primarily started by private developers to offer the amenities and services needed for a fully developed township in advance.

Benefits of a Smart and Integrated Township

Ensures High Safety

Safety concerns are one of the main reasons individuals choose to invest in integrated townships. The security system is one of the most crucial components of a design like this because of how sophisticatedly it is constructed. These townships provide security guards to watch over the neighbourhood and have enough surveillance cameras to keep an eye on any suspicious activity inside the compound. The fire alarm system is one more safety mechanism that these townships have. Such a fire detection system is typically absent from typical homes. However, integrated townships include a fire detection system that includes extinguishers, sprinklers, alarms, and even firefighters.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The fact that townships are meticulously crafted from the ground up is their best feature. Every nook and cranny was planned with architectural suggestions. Buyers frequently become more enthused by the outside features and design than they do about the technical components of the building process. For this reason, much attention is paid to aesthetically pleasant features like gardens, fountains, play areas, building designs, lighting, the selection of interior decors for homes, choice of colours, and so forth. The buyer eventually feels good after purchasing these.

Great Value for Money

Townships are there for all the money you invest. The variety of facilities you can choose from when purchasing a home is unmatched. Whether purchasing it for your own use or renting it out, township houses are also one of the top real estate investment opportunities. The amenities that come with purchasing such townships from reputable builders are numerous, and they are certain to satisfy all of your usual expectations.

Water and Power Supply

These kinds of enormous townships require a substantial financial commitment to build. The builders must work hard to earn the trust of the customers since there is such a large sum at stake and because the houses are priced to cover those costs. A buyer anticipates a consistent supply of water and power in addition to all the opulent amenities that can be obtained in these townships. When they invest in such projects, they view this as a vital demand and entitlement.

Waste Management

Garbage disposal is the largest issue that residents of single-family homes and conventional flats or apartments encounter. Either one must rely on the municipality or dispose of rubbish yourself at a public trash can. But in a township like this, the waste disposal is always organised and in working order. This is so that the maintenance crew can handle the duty of cleaning up the filth and waste produced in each home. The occupants’ lives are made easier by this.

Smart Technologies

Other advantages of integrated townships include the fact that they frequently contain a tonne of smart technology, such as automatic entrances or elevators. Some townships include smart appliances with the house when it is fully furnished, including smart fans and lights. These days, smart lock systems with built-in fingerprints or facial recognition are also commonplace in such townships. This strengthens the security system.

Quick Response to Grievances

You, as an owner, must pay a maintenance fee, even if you purchase a home in a municipality. The builders use this money to keep the community and its environs in good condition. In many townships, tenant or homeowner feedback is taken very seriously, and all of your requests and complaints are promptly addressed.

Mini City

A township all by itself is like a mini-city with all the comforts. While some have playgrounds and parks, others have shops and even malls built right into the community. On the other hand, a few others are built around theatres, schools, golf courses, sports courts, swimming pools, social clubs, etc. All of them are done to give people a comfortable lifestyle and surroundings. One can live a hassle-free, wonderfully comfortable life with such conveniences all within fair reach.

Sustainable Living

Some integrated townships are built around the idea of sustainability. The use of solar energy for power generation, biogas plants for composting waste, water management systems, trash segregation systems, terrace gardening, and other methods are all included. There are many choices and concepts! Such townships are a great option for anyone who values the environment in addition to being very safe and environmentally friendly.

Features of a Smart and Integrated Township

People are moving to cities in greater numbers today in pursuit of work. Urbanisation is accelerating, and providing housing for all of these people is a difficulty. Cities require better transportation, housing, sanitation, digitalization, and IT connectivity as a result of population migration. The invention process is driven by necessity. Upgrading the municipal and commercial facilities in residential colonies is also currently necessary. People are searching for an autonomous campus with top-notch amenities. The idea of housing has changed to accommodate consumer expectations.

In fact, living in self-sufficient, integrated townships with small urban ecosystems has become more than simply a lifestyle improvement; it also offers the kind of controlled environment that is extremely important during a pandemic outbreak. Gated communities provide protection, but integrated townships enable surviving a pandemic with considerably less of a negative impact on quality of life.

Developers are building townships with lots of built-in amenities in urban areas. Basic necessities in a township include access to water, transportation, a fire station, a hospital, electricity, and effective interpersonal communication, among others. Below listed are the unique features that make a township intelligent, integrated, and self-sufficient.

Intelligent Transportation System: The transportation system is designed to make getting around the township as effortless as possible. This includes smart traffic management systems, integrated public transportation, and smart parking facilities.

Energy Efficiency: The township is designed to be energy-efficient, with renewable energy sources, energy-efficient buildings, appliances, and smart grid technology. This guarantees that the township is eco-friendly and promotes sustainability.

Smart Governance: The governance system of a smart township is integrated with technology to manage and monitor various aspects of the township. From smart waste management to water management and public safety, everything is taken care of to ensure the township runs seamlessly.

Connectivity: The township is highly connected with high-speed internet and a robust communication infrastructure. This ensures residents stay connected and can access various services online with ease.

Sustainable Infrastructure: The township is designed to minimise its impact on the environment with sustainable infrastructure such as green buildings, rainwater harvesting systems, and waste management systems. This helps in keeping the environment healthy and clean.

Social Amenities: The township offers a wide range of social amenities to residents such as parks, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and recreational facilities. These amenities are designed to enhance the quality of life of the residents.

Modern Security Features: A smart and integrated township ensures the safety and security of its residents with modern security features such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, perimeter security, and alarm systems.

Integrated Urban Area: The township is designed to be an integrated urban area with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. This helps reduce commuting time and promotes a better work-life balance.

Green and Ecological Living: The township promotes green and ecological living by incorporating sustainable practices such as rainwater harvesting, waste management, and renewable energy sources. Such practices help in reducing the carbon footprint of the township and promote a healthier living environment.

One-Stop Solution: The township is designed to provide a one-stop solution for all residents’ needs, including access to various services such as healthcare, education, shopping, and entertainment. This promotes a sense of community and enhances the quality of life for the residents.

How do Integrated Townships benefit from an Effective BAS?

Building automation systems enables integrated townships to manage all of their operational systems from a single, centralised place, making building administration for building managers and owners simpler and more streamlined. Through a user-friendly interface, these sophisticated automation systems provide building managers and authorised workers with access to all building systems. 

In addition, building automation systems unifies all electronic and mechanical systems of the townships, which means that a single automated system that can manage a single building or a group of buildings can control air quality, energy monitoring, temperature management, video surveillance, and access control. This fantastic control and automation system can be accessed both on-site and off-site from any location with internet access. Here are the four ways that an integrated township building automation system aids with facility management. 

  • Energy Efficiency: An effective BAS can help integrated townships save energy by monitoring and controlling the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, lighting, and other energy-consuming equipment. It can also help identify areas of energy wastage and optimise energy usage. For example, the BAS can adjust the temperature and lighting settings in buildings based on occupancy and weather conditions to ensure energy is not wasted when spaces are unoccupied or there is sufficient natural light. 
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost: One of the significant benefits of an effective BAS is the reduced maintenance cost of equipment and facilities within an integrated township. The BAS monitors and controls the various systems and equipment within the township, identifying faults and defects that may arise. For example, the BAS can provide real-time data on equipment performance and identify potential faults, such as abnormal temperature readings, abnormal energy consumption, and system malfunctions. By identifying these issues early, maintenance can be scheduled before the equipment or facility fails, leading to reduced repair costs.
  • Increased Security: Security is a critical concern in any community, and integrated townships are no exception. An effective BAS can help to improve security by monitoring and controlling access to buildings and public spaces in the township. The BAS can also provide alerts in cases of security breaches, such as unauthorised access to restricted areas or attempted break-ins. With an effective BAS in place, the security of the integrated township can be significantly enhanced, leading to a safer community for residents and workers.
  • Enhanced Comfort: An integrated township should provide a comfortable living and working environment for its residents and workers. An effective BAS can help maintain a comfortable indoor environment by monitoring and regulating temperature, humidity, and air quality. The BAS can also detect and respond to environmental changes, such as changes in outdoor temperature, to ensure consistent indoor comfort levels. 
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The internet of things is now making significant inroads into housing communities in the form of automation systems and smart technologies. As a result, humankind and artificial intelligence work together to create a well-integrated and intelligent environment for people to live in. The main effect of this age is to make a community wiser, but in order to significantly establish a smart and sustainable environment, the environmental aspect of the community must also be addressed. As a result, there will be a balance between the developing, technologically advanced globe and our natural, lush environment, which needs to be protected for the long term. On that note, smart and integrated townships are increasingly in demand, and more are now being built. Transform your township into a smart, integrated, and sustainable community with Know Your Building™. Our platform empowers you to manage multiple buildings effortlessly, ensuring residents' comfort, optimising energy consumption, and monitoring and managing water usage. Experience a smarter township today by contacting us for a demo.

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