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How Does Know Your Building Revolutionize Commercial Real Estate

Gaurav Bali
Gaurav Bali

11th July 2022

Property management is evolving every day with the introduction of cutting-edge technology into commercial real estate. Further, the constant rise in tenant expectations and operational complexity keeps CRE owners and property managers on their toes to improve the property value. Naturally, a tech-based building management platform can be efficient for the commercial real estate industry. 

Considering the technological innovations, capabilities like Internet of Things usage, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are becoming critical components in a building management system. However, before onboarding, any such software property managers and owners should take cognizance of the benefits. 

Given the advanced features of the building management system to consider, Know Your Building™ comes with the most capable features that CRE stakeholders can leverage. This blog explains some of those critical advantages: 

Building analytics

Once onboarded, Know Your Building™ dashboard provides property managers and owners rich insights into their building portfolio. These insights can enable them to optimize the building offerings and enhance service levels. The data points and information available from the dashboard also help CRE stakeholders to discover patterns and forecast potential building management issues.

Leveraging Automation

In Know Your Building™ platform, automation plays a significant role in eliminating redundant tasks. CRE stakeholders can use the software to manage contracts, portfolios, and expenses incurred during the building operations. They can configure the required workflows according to the processes and ensure compliance across operations. Maintenance and other property-related issues can be addressed by creating service requests or notifications visible to the respective departments. It can help the maintenance teams to take care of any inconvenience at the earliest.

Managing building resources

Know Your Building™ platform connects every resource available in the building to analyze occupancy, indoor climate, air quality, etc. It allows real-time monitoring of the devices using a single interface and uses the data to improve building operations. It further helps in saving time and effort, which can be utilized in handling other projects. Subsequently, it allows property owners to attract more tenants and maintain a steady revenue.

Improve the quality of property management

A property manager has several responsibilities that range from regular mundane tasks to other complex and ad hoc requirements. Managing all of them can be tricky without a strategic plan. Know Your Building™ platform integrates with your entire building operations to change property administration and make management convenient. It improves operations by allowing managers to manage core responsibilities, including property maintenance, and expense management. 

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Commercial real estate property management is a challenging task without the availability of crucial insights into the building status. Know Your Building™ platform efficiently solves the issue by improving several aspects of a commercial building, including management of building resources, and improving the earning-to-expense ratio. Get in touch with us to know more about how you can integrate it into your property.

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